Why You Should Hire A Videographer

Let’s just face it, whether we like it or not sometimes when it comes to planning a wedding some things just have to go. It is not because you don’t want them, but because you have filled your budget to the top and you just can’t afford them anymore. One of the biggest regrets we hear people make is not hiring a videographer. Photography is always 100% necessary, afterall you want to have wedding photos printed and framed, then pass down your album for years to come, but the wedding video, although almost always desired, doesn’t always happen. We see it so much that videography gets put on the wedding maybe list, depending on how much budget they have left after hiring all the necessary vendors. BUT, we feel like videography is just as important as anything. We may be biased because we offer videography services, but take it from a bride and groom that didn’t get a videographer due to their budget running out, it we could it over again we would hire one in a second. We created a list of reasons you should change your mindset and prioritize a videographer!
    1. Just like photographs, a wedding video is one of the few things that you will have to remember your day. It is something that you will take with you and pass down the generations.
    2. It brings back all the emotional feelings from your wedding day that photographs just can’t quite do.
    3. You have a hard copy of your wedding vows, whether you wrote them yourself or are using the traditional wedding vows, you can always remember them by just watching your wedding video.
    4. You will get to see moments you might have missed. Your wedding day will fly by and you might not catch every moment, but capturing it on video so you can see all the sweet moments and memories that took place.
    5. Your wedding video will serve as a memory for your kids and grandkids later on that weren’t quite thought about on your wedding day.
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