Top 3 Places In Downtown Savannah For A Photoshoot


Top 3 Places In Downtown Savannah For A Photoshoot

Next week will mark a year that my husband and I got engaged. It was a cold weekend in March up in Asheville, NC on top of a mountain (because we are mountain people) that my husband asked me to marry him.

The days to follow we weren’t thinking about anything other than telling our friends and family the news. We spent the next days calling friends and family, sending photos and just getting excited.

After the initial “we’re engaged!” shock was over, things got real. It was time to start planning our wedding.

The only day where we will get to marry each other. A day that most refer to as one of the best days of their life. A day that gets so much hype it is a little scary.

I think the wedding season gets so much hype you forget about being engaged.

There are so many fun things to do while being engaged, and one of my favorites was getting engagement pictures done.

I remember almost a year ago my husband and I spent the afternoon getting ready for our first set of engagement pictures. Since neither of us are from Savannah, we thought downtown Savannah would be the perfect place.

What I didn’t realize when we picked downtown Savannah, was where do you chose? There are so many places to get photos done, in fact 24 squares line the downtown.

After doing several photoshoots  in downtown Savannah, today I am sharing my top 3 downtown Savannah locations to get your photos taken.


1. Forsyth Park: You may think, everyone gets their photo taken at Forsyth Park. I know I thought that too, until this recent family session photoshoot. The park is so big there are several spots you can get your photo taken. Along with several different types of trees. As a Savannah photographer, I am sure you can guess mossy oak trees just get me all excited to be doing what I am doing. But there is something to say about the pink blooming trees, especially when it matches a little girls headband.

Although it may be a popular place to get your photo taken, nothing says it has to be generic. You don’t have to get a fountain photo, there are plenty of other trees, benches and beautiful homes that line the park.

2. Telfair Museum: So I have a confession to make, I haven’t actually been to the museum yet. It is on my list of to-do’s, and maybe after writing this blog post I will have to make it closer to the top of the list. I always thought it was a silly idea to have your wedding at a museum, until I came here for the first time for a fashion blogger shoot.

I am a sucker for all things FixerUpper, and I have to say this white building just got me all kinds of excited. In fact, I came here when I got some photos done for my own blog and social media. They just have a way of making people pop. But I love the clean look of a white wall, especially with texture.

If you are looking for a more modern look, rather than southern this is the perfect place for you!


3. Greene Square. I love so many squares throughout Savannah. But one thing that I don’t love is people photo bombing my pictures. It can be so hard to capture photos in Savannah, especially during tourism season.

This square is just on the outskirts of downtown, so maybe part of the reason I love it so much is because there is next to no traffic. But I also love it because of the beautiful areas that surround it.

You can find some cool buildings, like this Second African Baptist Church. Trees surround the square, but that is nothing too special. But what I really loved was the brick building and brick walkway just outside the square.

You can count on this square to be quiet and free of cars and people.

These are just a few of my favorites, and I can’t wait to see where this list of my top 3 favorite will be as the city expands and grows over the next couple years.

Who else has favorites?



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