Sea Pines Family Session | The Tanner’s


Sea Pines Family Session | The Tanner’s

The Tanner’s was our first Hilton Head, Sea Pine’s family session of the year. I always enjoy getting to meet families from all over visiting our vacation town, and the Tanner’s were no different.
The Tanner’s were visiting from Nashville. They stayed in a gorgeous house out on Sea Pines. Rain was in the forecast, but we had no idea when with this years unpredictable rains. And what would you know it just started pouring the second we pulled up to their vacation home to start capturing photos before the rain hit.
Somehow Randy and I had never been to the Salty Dog Cafe, so we decided to go grab dinner and wait for the rain to hold off. With no umbrellas or rain coats with us we ended up soaked, sitting in the Salty Dog Cafe, post wisdom teeth removal eating mashed potatoes and anything soft I could get my hands on.
We had hoped the rain would clear up, but it just kept coming down, and the forecast just kept adjusting to the rain that was still coming down. We decided that if the rain hadn’t stopped by 7:15 we would head home, thinking we might run out of light.
What would you know 7:15 came around and the sun starting shining through. It ended up being a beautiful evening out on Sea Pines, and a beautiful evening for a family session.
Sometimes things happen out of our control, but I couldn’t have been more blessed to get to spend an evening and impromptu date night with my husband. And still get to capture The Tanner’s!
Julie left the sweetest review for us that I just had to share: “She arrived on time in the rain, and then came back 3 hours later when it finally stopped so that we could take our pictures on the beach. We are SO pleased with how they turned out, and HIGHLY recommend her. She was easy to work with, professional and captured exactly what we were hoping for.”



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