Savannah Gender Reveal | Elizabeth & Andrew

This was the cutest gender reveal ever! Mainly because Elizabeth was surprising Andrew with the results. She found out earlier that day and spent the day getting smoke bombs and cupcakes decorated with the gender to surprise Andrew when he got off work.

I have thought a lot about announcing your pregnant and being surprised by the gender of your baby. Not always but one person does have to be the person to propose, and oftentimes that person is not the one that is going to become pregnant one day when the time is right to start your family. So why not reverse roles and come up with a grand plan to surprise your partner with the news that you are having a baby or the gender of your baby.

Elizabeth and Andrew would have been surprised either way, but we loved Andrew’s reaction when he opened his eyes and saw the blue smoke. But one of the best moments was Elizabeth’s cake smash.. you just have to see it at the end!

Savannah gender reveal
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