Savannah Elopement Locations


Savannah Elopement Locations

As much as we love a wedding day, elopements are the new wedding. We wanted to share our favorite Savannah elopement locations in and around the city.

Weddings can be such a touchy subject during the pandemic, and we get it. Is it safe? Can I have my family and friends present? Am I going to get backlash for it? The list of questions can go on and on. We totally get your hesitation to have a what we used to call normal wedding right now.

If you were like Randy and I though, the thought of waiting another year just seemed impossible. An elopement, even a short trip for a destination elopement is such an amazing way to still get married, and have a beautiful fond memory of the day you actually got married and keep that celebration for later.

Savannah has so many beautiful places, from the mossy oak trees, the ocean or the beautifully tucked away private venues you can get married at. We just had to share some of the most beautiful spots to elope, big and small!

  1. Forsyth Park: One of the most popular options is Forsyth Park. No matter where you are located within the park the scenery can’t be matched. Right in downtown it also makes the perfect spot to start your wedding day, then head off to have portraits done and explore downtown.
  2. A Savannah Square: There are literally 22 squares throughout the downtown area in Savannah. The options are endless. And you can’t go wrong, whether you are looking for the look, a pergola, the background or something a little more quiet or private a square in downtown Savannah is the perfect option! 
  3. Ships of the Sea: The courtyard of the Ships of the Sea museum is like a small little conversatory. It is a great option if you are wanted something completely private, just at the start of downtown it is also located perfectly to head out to downtown for portrait photos following your ceremony. Not to mention the building is beautiful.
  4. The Perry Lane Hotel: If you are looking for something a little more upscale and luxurious, The Perry Lane rooftop is gorgeous! Especially during that sunset hour, the view just can’t be beat! 
  5. HollyOaks on the Marsh: This property is gorgeous! It sits right off the marsh and has the most beautiful sunsets. It is the perfect place for a private ceremony and even dinner under their newly built patio with pergola. 
  6. Tybee Island: If you love the beach then the South side of Tybee has the perfect spot for your elopement. Usually a bit quieter, with a covered pergola on the way out to the beach, it also is arguably one of the beach places to watch the sunset afterwards.  



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