Pulaski Square Proposal

So what do you do when you are planning a proposal in a downtown Savannah square with a high chance of rain the entire day? You improvise!

Sometimes the weather just don’t cooperate with what you are planning. But if we have learned anything shooting proposals over the past 3 years it is that a proposal doesn’t need to be perfect, it is perfect within itself. We love helping plan out details and coordination of proposals but we often see someone super nervous and wanting to make it the most special moment. They try to add all these additional props and ideas into a proposal. If there is one piece of advice we can give anyone planning a proposal it is to keep it simple! A proposal is special because of the act, not because of some over the top set up.

This Pulaski Square proposal was just that! In a square off the beaten path in downtown Savannah. A simple beautiful backdrop and bouquet for after with of course a champagne toast to celebrate. But it was beautiful and emotional and so fun!

Bouquet: Urban Poppy

Pulaski Square Savannah Proposal
Pulaski Square Proposal
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