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We believe in the adventures in life that are worth looking back on. We hope to create images and film that bring you back to that moment in time to relive the emotions that came with them. We strive to create artwork that you will want to share with others for years to come.

We are a husband and wife photo and video team that are obsessed with all things coffee, tacos and golden retrievers. You can find us planning out our next adventure or spending time out in nature. 

Whenever we pick up a camera, we strive to create the images that remind you of the emotions that you felt during that moment, no matter if that is your wedding day, maternity session celebrating your another family member or your family vacation.

We are currently dual based Savannah & Denver wedding photographer and videographer team and we can’t wait to capture your story no matter what that story is! We hope the creatives last a lifetime.

– Hilary & Randy

Photographer in Denver


The pictures were better than I could have ever dreamed!! It was amazing to see photos come to life better than what you thought up in your head!

it began with a marriage


There are those moments in life that change your life. The day we got married was one of those. We not only started the start of our new adventure together but we also started another adventure that turned into what Hulls Photo and Video is today.

Through the love of photography and our own experience in planning our wedding we fell in love with the story of marriage. As we began capturing weddings we didn’t truly understand the impact in life it would serve for us. We have fallen in love with helping couples navigate their wedding day, but more than that we have become so passionate about creating those memories (and many others) for families to love and cherish even after they are gone. After all a moment is a memory, but a photo captures that memory for generations to come.