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Bride & Groom Portraits

Kimberly and Tyler, 

You’ve invited your closest friends and family to celebrate a winter wedding with you at Yonah Mountain Vineyards. You’re going to love the beautiful mountain and vineyard views for your portraits! And the beautiful ballroom is sure to take your guests breath away.  

Now that you have the perfect space to gather everyone, you need a photo team to capture the remarkable moments that are sure to unfold. The team you’re looking for should:

Provide personalized imagery that captures your favorite moments in a genuine way.

Offer comfort and guidance so you feel good in front of the camera and throughout the process.

Take time to understand you on a deeper level and involve you in the experience.

On our call, you mentioned a few of your concerns. For starters, you aren’t interested in overly-posed photos or basic film templates. As you said, you and your day are unique, and you want your wedding imagery to reflect that. You also worry you won’t be able to relax and enjoy your day because weddings can become a production.

Together, we’ll create a experience tailored around you and your priorities.


“Randy did a fabulous job of keeping our style in mind – taking videos of what he knew was most important to us and capturing the special moments perfectly.”
– Alexandra

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A You-Focused Experience With Every Package:

Close Connection

We get to know you, your priorities, and involve you along the way. So on wedding day, we’re like friends who know exactly how to capture it. 

Bespoke Storytelling

We pay attention to your story and include those details into your imagery. As a result, you’ll receive photos and film filled with genuine emotion.

Seamless Planning

Relax knowing you can immerse yourself into your moments as we ensure they run smoothly by preparing a thorough but flexible timeline.

Custom Photo and a Film Collection



Timeless Memories

  • 8 hours of coverage
  • 2 photographers/2 videographers
  • 1 Hour Engagement Session
  • 5 Minute Highlight Film
  • Social Media

Time is in abundance with this top-tier collection. Including both photography and videography. And your memories will remain as beautiful as the moment they happened. 


Lowcountry Charm

  • 10 Hours of Coverage
  • 1 Photographer
  • 1 Hour Engagement Session

Our middle package is perfect for couples who want a little bit extra (including just photography). Because you never know what magic will unfold throughout the day. 


Savannah GA Wedding
Sunset Ceremony

Southern Elegance

  • 8 Hours of Coverage
  • 1 Photographer

Ensure your special moments and essential portraits are captured in beautiful detail and reflect the genuine emotion of your day.


“They do not disappoint. We have loved every bit of their work and appreciate getting to have them be a part of our journey. Our photos are something we are so proud to show our friends and family!”



Dynamic Duo

Some businesses only specialize in photography or video, but we are experts at both. And believe us when we say, photographing a wedding and filming a wedding require different approaches. Having the knowledge on how to capture such an important day using each medium makes all the difference. 

As your all-in-one team, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. You’ll receive the client-focused approach across the board. And all of your big-day imagery will have the same unique, high-quality look and feel.  

Team Players

Go into your day knowing we will advocate for you, work well with your vendors, and keep your interests at the forefront of everything we do. 

First, we’ll reach out to your vendors to introduce ourselves and our approach. Then, we’ll walk through your priorities and wish lists—ensuring everyone is on the same page. On wedding day, we’ll show up prepared, ready to communicate, and go with the flow of what works best for you and your experience.



Comfortable Environment

We’ll never ask you to pose or perform in front of the camera. Instead, we get to know you and use personalized strategies to help you feel your best, most natural selves.

As we get to know you, we ask questions to uncover what you’re most looking forward to and what you’re concerned about. And we use your answers to create an environment that eases those fears and makes you feel good as we capture your authentic emotions. 

Collaborative Approach

Your wedding day only comes around once, so to rush you through the moments or ask you to recreate them is not acceptable. Instead, we give you space to experience your day and allow your moments to breathe while we naturally capture them. 

This all starts with a collaborative foundation and a deep understanding of you and your priorities for your wedding-day imagery. Because you’re a part of the photo and film process, you can enjoy your day and know you’ll receive imagery full of natural emotions and genuine moments.



High-Quality Keepsakes

Whether indoors or out, daytime or dark, feel confident that your photos and film will be stunning. This is because we have a vast knowledge of and experience in a multitude of settings and lighting situations. 

And we hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to our work. We devote time and energy to continued education, consistently learning new techniques for creating timeless and natural imagery. You can be sure your photos will have the technical excellence and beautiful emotions you’ll be proud to share with future generations.

“Would recommend this photo and video duo to everyone! I haven’t stopped receiving compliments on our photos and video. One of my parents’ friends texted my mama, ‘Whatever that video cost, it was more than worth it!’” - Hannah H.
- Hannah

We're The Hulls


Whenever we pick up a camera, our goal is the same: to create authentic artwork through photos and films that will bring you back to that exact moment in time.

Savannah Wedding Photographer Hulls Photo and Video Team

Gallery Highlights

Take a look at this photo gallery
and this film and find inspiration from these couples’ journeys. 


Stephanie and Justin are an incredible couple with so much intentionality. When they came to us, they wanted to make sure we would be able to capture all of the meaningful and authentic moments of the day. By showing them previous work and assuring them that getting to know our couples on a deep level is essential to our process, they happily brought us onto their vendor team a photographer.

Ceremony Exit
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If we could use one word to describe Tierney and Billy it would be lively. They wanted a videographer that would be able to step back in moments that needed it but then step forward to capture and even be a part of all the fun from their wedding day. As you can see, they had a beautiful day, that was full of so many fun and entertaining moments.  

Aligned Vision | Cohesive Style | Client-Focused

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Please write down any questions you have, and we’ll go over them on the call. And feel free to invite your planner or mom to join us. 

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“Hilary and Randy made sure I got everything I wanted! They are very professional and organized.

The perfect duo!”


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