What To Consider When Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

Hiring your wedding photographer can be a HUGE thing. After all you only get one wedding day so making sure you have hired the perfect person to capture your day is something that can cause some stress and anxiety. We have come to realize most of our brides have no experience with hiring a photographer in general, let alone a wedding photographer. There are some key things to consider, aside from just your budget to think through before you hire a photographer. Here are 3 things you should think through as you come to a decision. 1. Do you like their photography style? The number of editing styles out there in photography can be overwhelming. There are some we call the light and airy, others we call the dark and moody and then some photographers (how we would describe ourselves) who are the in between. The way a photographer edits can change the feel or the emotions in a photo. Make sure you are picking a photographer that has that style you are drawn to throughout their portfolio or social media.
2) Do you connect with them?
This is huge! You want to feel comfortable when you are getting photos taken. Make sure you connect with your photographer whether that is through a short phone call or just learning about them on their website.
3) Do they have experience in photographing a wedding? We have all heard friends that hired a budget photographer to save a little money in their wedding planning. What they don’t often think about is what equipment does this photographer have? Do they have a backup system? Do they know how to do reception lighting? What do they do if their schedule goes off course? The list goes on. Make sure the photographer or videographer you go with has some kind of wedding experience so they can create beautiful memories but also know how to stay calm and keep you calm throughout your day.
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