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You just got engaged, hired your photographer and now it is engagement session time. For many, this is the first time you will be getting photos taken with your fiance, and that can be nerve racking enough! But now you are also tasked with picking out not only outfits you both love, but also outfits that will compliment each other and go well with your location scenery well.

We always recommend selecting two different outfits that you coordinate to complement each other. Below are some of our tips in terms of selecting two outfits that go together well!

  1. Patterns: Don’t get us wrong we love patterns! But when it comes to getting photographed there are some things you should think about before just picking anything. A striped or small pattern can create what is referred to as a moire pattern. This often times can draw the attention away from the subjects, you and draw the attention to the pattern itself. Try avoiding small or checkered patterns. As we mentioned above you want to try to compliment each other, not match completely. Try avoiding both choosing outfits with a pattern. Complimented outfits works best when for example you have a large patterned dress and your fiance sticks to plain colors that compliment your pattern. 
  2. Color Scheme: First things first avoid bright or neon colors. They can create some negative effects especially when you are by water or in sunlight, casting off and changing the color of the background or your skin. Sticking to a color palette like pastels or jewel tones can be a great place to start when you begin selecting outfit ideas. If you aren’t sure where to start doing a quick search on Pinterest for engagement session color palettes will help! When you begin selecting your color palettes and clothes to match make sure you think through your engagement session location. You don’t want to choose a forest green shirt if your location is full of greenery and nature. Something else to consider is the location what type of color palette you get. For example the beach includes sand, water, sky, all mostly lighter and softer colors than you might get in a forest setting. Often times a softer color palette works well with a softer location color palette.
  3. Comfort: We all take inspiration from others. There is something about seeing an outfit put together that makes you just want to purchase it. One thing we want to encourage you to do is make sure you pick something you feel good and confident in. For example heels look great in photos, but if you aren’t comfortable walking in them just pick some flats instead!
  4. Coordinating Outfits: This is a big one! I’m sure we have all seen the classic beach family photos where everyone wears the matching jeans and white tshirt outfits… as sweet as matching outfits can be, for your engagement session not to put it lightly we HIGHLY discourage it! Mixing colors and pattern to plain is a great way to go. We also recommend sticking to a color scheme or palette, choosing pants and shirts but different colors to create unity in your outfit.

Some of our favorite examples of great engagement session pairings are below!

Isle of Hope Marina Engagement Session
Photographer in Denver

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