Our Definition Of An Elopement

2020 is what we would consider the year of elopements or small weddings. With the risk of travel and guests counts being forced to become smaller, the smaller wedding or what some people are referring to as an elopement began more and more popular. But the big question that we hear people asking, what is an elopement?

We personal opted for a traditional wedding… but after learning more about elopements and what our options could have been we might have changed our minds if we were to go back and redo our wedding.

Knowing that and that COVID is causing stress on a lot of brides of what to do with their wedding day plans we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share what we consider an elopement to be!

An elopement is a small, intimate wedding that represents and is focused around just two people and their vision of the day. Saying that this doesn’t mean that only two people have to be present! What we mean by that is an elopement is about creating a wedding experience that fits the two of you without having to compromise for someone or something else.

An elopement is about planning the day in its entirety to be about two people coming together in marriage. It is about planning a day that is as simple or complex as it needs to be to tell your love story and start the next journey.

An elopement is not about following tradition or what has been done before it is about creating an experience that is uniquely you.

An elopement is about planning a wedding that you will remember its entirety afterwards. Where the external focus points from a traditional wedding that you might not care about afterwards don’t matter like the cake, catering menu, table arrangements, etc.

An elopement is not about a party or a celebration that you are throwing for friends and family. And it shouldn’t be based around creating that experience for them.

The possibilities of an elopement are endless! To get you started thinking through what an elopement could be like for you we wanted to share a fun Asheville elopement timeline:

Getting Ready Location: Wildberry Lodge

Ceremony Location: Black Balsam Knob

Additional Portrait Location: Art Loeb Trail

Meal/Celebration Location: Highland Brewing

1:00 pm – Arrive for getting ready, details, etc.

2:00 pm – Leave for Black Balsam Knob

3:00 pm – Hike up Art Loeb Trail to Rock Face

3:30 pm – First Look at Art Loeb Trail Rock Face

4:00 pm – Portraits while hiking up to Black Balsam Kbnob

4:30 pm – Vows/Ceremony

5:00 pm – Sunset Portraits & Champagne Toast

6:15 pm – Hike Back To Trailhead

7:00 pm – Leave for Highland Brewing

8:00 pm – Private Dinner & Beer on the rooftop with lights

8:30 pm – First Dance on rooftop with local musician

9:00 pm  – Head back to lodge

If you are considering an elopement and not sure where to start or if you have any questions about elopements we would love to answer them for you!

Head on over to our contact form and reach out!

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