Downtown Savannah Anniversary Shoot – Cindy & Tristan

Cindy reached out to me a week ago to see if I had an opening for her and her husband’s second year anniversary. I love anniversary shoots, but especially with adventurous people like Cindy and Tristan!

They are both from Australia, but live in Canada currently. They recently welcomed their first baby, Harper in April. Instead of staying home and getting used to everyday life with a newborn they decided to do something a little different, and amazing in my opinion. Cindy and Tristan are taking a 50 states road trip!

One of Randy and I’s dreams is to get to travel as much as the world as we can. So getting to meet this couple, I just couldn’t wait to ask them a million questions. I have always wanted to just take a leap of faith and do something amazing like that, enjoy life and travel while I’m young and still able to.

I also thought it was pretty amazing that they found little old me in Savannah to shoot their now traditional anniversary session, that we combined with a family session of their adorable little girl Harper.

There was no better way than to spend a Wednesday evening with a couple that truly treasures photography and the memories it will bring later on down the road. Even the memories it brings when 200 years from now when a great great grandkid comes across it.

We picked Layafette Square in downtown Savannah to capture some fun shots and include the chapel in a few photos as well.

Wishing them all the best on their adventures, you should totally go follow their journey!

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