5 Of Our Favorite Asheville Elopement Locations


5 Of Our Favorite Asheville Elopement Locations

A place we absolutely have loved getting to explore more and more is Asheville. And it also makes a pretty awesome place to have an elopement! During our last visit to Asheville we made sure to document some of our favorite hikes with the most incredible views. 

If you are looking for a view of the mountains to elope in front of, these places are perfect! We made sure to include some that require hiking and some that include just a short walk or jump out of the car.

There is something so beautiful about having nature be your backdrop that doesn’t require any kind of decoration at all. 

If you are thinking about having your elopement in Asheville we would love to share with you an elopement of an epic and fun elopement to get you started, click here.

1. Match Pax: This is a bit of a drive outside of Asheville but also one of the most popular places to elope or get photos taken. And that is because of the awesome 360 degree views you can get out there. On top of Max Patch there is not a bad angle at all! It also only involves a short walk to the top.

Max Patch Elopement Location

2. Art Loeb Trail: There are so many beautiful spots along the Art Loeb Trail, including a large rock face that is the perfect spot with beautiful views for your ceremony. Not to mention the sunset that happens out there is just incredible.

Eloping in Asheville

3. Black Balsam Knob: In the same general area as Art Loeb Trail, on top of a grassy section it is incredible for a beautiful ceremony. Important to remember of course, stay on trail but you can’t get a bad view anywhere on this trail!

Asheville NC Elopement Location

4. Along Black Balasm Knob Trail: More of a hike to get there but definitely a less populated area. This was the first part of the trail that just left us in awe!

Asheville ELopement

5. Hawkbill Rock: A beautiful and very private rock with full mountain views that is just incredible. A beautiful hike to take before you marry the love of your life!

Eloping in Asheville



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