5 Tips For Newly Weds


5 Tips For Newly Weds

For all of those engaged couples out there, there is nothing more exciting than planning one of the best celebrations as marrying the love of your life. Embarking on the day that you two join together and become a new family and newly weds.

One thing that often people aren’t prepared for is becoming newly weds. You know the adjusting that happens due to a marriage. Moving in together, working together on a budget and just adjusting to the difference between dating someone and being married to someone.

My husband and I just recently celebrated the 6 month mark in our marriage. So yes, we are definitely still new in the marriage department, but I wanted to share 5 tips for newly weds that we have learned over the past 6 months.

  1. Schedule weekly date nights. My husband and I can agree that life gets busy. Even though you are no longer planning a wedding, somehow you still fill your time with community church groups, starting a business, spending time with old and new friends and more. That is why it has been important for us to map out at least one night a week to have date night to spend just the two of you.
    5 Tips for Newly Weds
  2. Make a tasks list. Moving in with someone is never easy. There are so many things to adjust to, but a huge one for us was keeping the house clean. Everyone has a different standard and prioritizes these chores differently. To stop from arguing about cleanliness of the house, or avoiding one person doing most of the cleaning we created a weekly chore list to map out each night who is going to do the dishes, vacuum the carpet, take the trash out and do the laundry. It may sound silly, but it has made a world of difference for us, even if we aren’t perfect about completing them some nights.
    Newly Wed Advice
  3. Read a husband and wife devotional. Reading God’s word together is so important, especially as newly weds. You are adjusting to new roles as a new husband and wife, and reading God’s word together helps you put God first in your marriage. We started a 30 day daily devotional that helped us get a new habit started.
    Advice to newly Weds
  4. Charge your cell phones at night in a different room than the bedroom. Social media and the internet sometimes takes over social interaction. By leaving your cell phone out of your bedroom at night it forces you to spend time with each other each night before bed and when you wake up. Making sure to put social media in it’s place can open up more time than you would expect it to for actual conversing with each other.
    Newly Wed Advice
  5. Create a budget. Becoming together as a new family includes a lot of adjusting. One of the major ways of adjusting for us was combining our bank accounts and salaries. If you are like us, you have very different spending limits you held yourself to, so understanding where you are how to maximize your bank account in order to reach goals like buying a house, a new car can really help for future things like having a child, and saving money in a college fund. We sat down to create a budget, and plan to pay off our wedding. Understanding our monthly spending habits has helped us to really tackle the current debt we do have, but better understand what is worth it to spend money on and what we should wait to spend money on.
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