5 Reasons I Pursued Photography


5 Reasons I Pursued Photography

If you have followed my journey from blogger to photographer you may have gotten a glimpse of the events leading up to professional photography.

It all started back in 2012 when I started a food blog for social media marketing while attending Capital University. I always loved cooking and baking, especially baking and it seemed like a good idea.

Up until that point I always thought I was an analytical thinker. I enjoyed math, and things that were meant to be solved to get the same number. It wasn’t until I started Ranchcookie, now Bakes By Ranchcookie that I let the creative side of my brain work.

As time went on I noticed the one thing my blog was missing were the photographs. What kind of a food blog would it be without pictures that make you drool? The answer is it wouldn’t be a food blog.

And my journey as a Savannah photographer began the day I invested in a cheap Nikon camera back in 2015. I wanted to share 5 reasons I pursed photography.

  1. The creativity. I have worked in several small business ranging from networking, financial to marketing agencies. My positions within my career were always based on numbers, analytics and what graphs were telling me. It was during the time I was blogging and taking food photography that I truly began to work the creative side of my brain. And the more in love I fell with being creative.
  2. Finding my passion. One day at work I got an opportunity to photograph food for a Mexican Restaurant that was a client. I got approached while I was taking photos of some tacos by a small business owner who owned a salad dressing company. I never considered myself a photography until that day. I let months pass by, it took having my own wedding to realize I found my passion in photography. Photographing people, styling and branding I just can’t get enough of it.
  3. The Entrepreneur in me. I have known from a young age that I wanted to own my own business. Yes I am a typical millennial that doesn’t want to base my success on someone else’s opinion. But I think the main motivation behind owning my own business is simple, I want something that is mine. Something that I created and something that I can be proud of as it grows and flourishes.
  4. Using my gifts from God. There is something about helping people that just gets me all excited. I love to go out of my way to make people feel wonderful on their worst days. In fact in college I took about a dozen career tests and Nurse was my path of choice, for the simple reason I am so passionate about helping people. Although I didn’t feel like life was taking me down that path, photography is where I chose to share that with people.
  5. To document other people’s journey. Just since college I can’t fathom how much life has changed. Just moving from Ohio to Georgia, then Atlanta to Savannah I have realized how much a person grows from just a year. I have been fortunate enough to find blogging, which has helped me document my journey so far, but most people don’t have that. But what they are going to have is photographs documenting the big events in their life. I am passionate about capturing those for them. From weddings to graduations to having a baby, I am excited to get to know my clients and watch them through this season of life. Just one thing that sets me a part I don’t want to just take pictures of you, I want to get to know you so I can capture the best pictures for your memories.

So there you have it. The top 5 reasons I launched my photography business. I can’t wait to serve you with the gifts God has given me!



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