10 Stunning Southeast Engagement Photography Locations


10 Stunning Southeast Engagement Photography Locations

The Southeast is one of the most magical and romantic coastal places to capture your engagement photos, so we hope this list of 10 Stunning Southeast Engagement Photography Locations can help you decide!

We know all too well, picking the best one for your engagement photography session can be a challenge!

There are so many different beaches, marshlands, mossy oak trees and beautiful architecture to choose from! It can definitely be overwhelming trying to chose the best location from Downtown Savannah to the beaches on Hilton Head Island, they all have their own sense of charm to them.

These 10 stunning southeast engagement photography locations spam from the historic district in the heart of Savannah to the coast of Hilton Head Island. We hope this helps with your inspiration!

1. Folly Field Beach Park, Hilton Head Island: One of our absolute favorite beaches on Hilton Head Island. With access to dunes, and a less populated beach, this is an amazing location to get those beach engagement photos taken.

Pro Tip: You may have to get up early, but the sunrise here is just amazing!

2. Hunting Island State Park: Out in Beaufort, South Carolina in what seems like the middle of nowhere, just across a bridge is Hunting Island State Park. This hidden gem is what we refer to a smaller version of Driftwood Beach.

3. Forsyth Park: Easily one of the most popular parks in Savannah, Georgia. Located just on the edge of the start of Downtown, this park is the perfect place to not only capture those dreamy mossy oak trees Savannah is famous for, but also to capture the historic architecture too.

Most of our couples treat themselves to a nice dinner date out after their session to celebrate! Hey you are already all dressed up so why not!

4. Isle of Hope Marina: If you are as in love with the marina feel as I am the Isle of Hope Marina is the perfect place to have your engagement session. Not only is it a marina but there are gorgeous oak trees everywhere!

5. Jones Street: Named one of the most beautiful streets in the city, you can’t go wrong with Jones Street. From the gorgeous Savannah style homes, to the beautiful stairs and mossy oak overhang. If you are looking for that Savannah feel, Jones Street is the place to go.

6. Wormsloe Plantation: One of the most desired locations from our couples is the gorgeous Wormsloe Plantation. There is just something magical about a dirt road lined with old mossy oak trees, you just can’t get that look anywhere else.

7. Bonaventure Cemetery: Named the most beautiful cemetery in the U.S. don’t let the fact this is a cemetery deter you from checking it out. This location is especially beautiful in the spring during blooming season. Not to mention the marsh views available too!

8. HollyOaks Plantation: HollyOaks Plantation is a hidden gem. It is a recently opened wedding venue on private property in Savannah. If you are looking for privacy for your engagement session HollyOaks offers just that!

9. Two Tides: Or any brewery in the Savannah area. You can’t go wrong having photos taken at your favorite hang out spot. We loved photographing at Two Tides because of our unique and fun the historic house they renovated turned out!

10. Tybee Island Beach: Savannah’s one and only beach, Tybee Island Beach is one of our favorites to catch the sunrise. We love having the rocks and lighthouse all in one place!

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